Two Women Arrested For Publicly Fighting Over Man For Sex in Lagos (Photo)

Two Women Arrested For Publicly Fighting Over Man For Sex in Lagos (Photo)

Two Women Arrested For Publicly Fighting Over Man For Sex in Lagos (Photo)

The police at Ikotun Division have captured two ladies and kept them at the station while the third speculate got away, for their wild conduct by freely battling about a man for $ex in Lagos.

The occurrence occurred at a mainstream joint at Governor’s Road via Landmog Bus Stop in Ikotun region of Lagos State.

The presumes distinguished as Amaka, Chioma and Blessing were said to have occupied with an open fight after a client who came to drink at the joint showed intrigued to take a lady home.

P.M.EXPRESS assembled that the three ladies demonstrated enthusiasm in the meantime and were said to have mixed for the man to the humiliation of different clients at the joint.

In any case, the scrambling swung to all out battle and fracas after the man picked Blessing to the awe of Amaka and Chioma.

It was accumulated that Chioma and Amaka challenged and told the man that he can’t take Blessing since men had been laying down with her for some days while both of them have not had any $ex for a considerable length of time and had not profited for those days.

They apparently recommended that the man should consent to take them three in the meantime since he could bear to deal with them.

The man concurred yet Blessing rejected the thought and said she was not prepared for such course of action since she would convey the administrations the man would need alone.

The contention brought about hot trade words and worsened later to a battle among the three ladies.

A portion of the properties at the jointed were harmed amid the battle. The administrator of the joint at that point needed to contact the police and the suspects were captured and taken to the station.

At the station, the suspects told the police that Blessing had taken the couple of clients that went to the joint to request for $ex at their own particular weakness and she had declined sharing the main man that consented to take three of them for the cavort.

At the point when P.M.EXPRESS went by Ikotun Police Division, the suspects were still kept there however the DPO was not around to remark on the issue.

Notwithstanding, police sources said the suspects will be charged to court for their asserted lead in the region.

It was assembled that Blessing has been on the pursued the battle, while the man being referred to relinquished them and agreed to another lady.